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We are Northbaze Group AB

Northbaze Group was founded in 2006 and over the years as it has expanded it has today a mission to sale and develop innovative and functional products within the audio, IT, and mobile accessories area to simplify and improve people's experience of mobile devices and to bridge people's lives together with the use of today's technology.

By controlling manufacturing and working closely with the market, we can refine existing brands and develop complementary brands to adapt to an ever-changing landscape and a market need for new smart solutions to simplify people's lives in a changing and increasingly technical world.

The vision is to create simplicity in people's increasingly technical lives by offering smart and functional audio products and IT accessories.

The Group currently develops, produces, and markets its own brands and products within “Audio & Sound” and “Mobility” for selected markets globally and online. Moreover, the Group has as well its own production entities located in Sweden and Thailand. In Sweden we have Copter AB that manufactures glass and plastic screen protectors for electronic accessories. In Thailand we have Adiantes for the manufacturing of premium leather products. Adiantes develop, manufacture, and sell specialized OEM/ODM solutions, premium private label brands, small leather goods and packaging solutions. The company is a certified and audited supplier to Sony, Fujifilm, Garmin, Phonak and many other prestigious brands.

Adiantes and Copter AB offers its partners a competitive alternative to other external- and in-house manufacturing for their major brands.

Northbaze Group currently has operations in Sweden, Germany, and Thailand.